Member Organisations & Services


The first Shakti office at Mt. Roskill

The first Shakti office at Mt. Roskill

Member Organisations

Shakti Asian Women’s Centre Inc.: 24-hour national crisis call service (0800 SHAKTI), drop in centre for women, outreach, case work, advocacy, counselling, legal referral, interpreting, life skills programmes, domestic violence intervention and awareness training for communities and lobbying for legislation change

Shakti Asian Women’s Safehouse Inc.: Two Refuges (Auckland), self-empowerment programmes, therapy, counselling, legal support, health referral, food support and advocacy in housing and immigration

Shakti Legal Advocacy & Family Social Services Inc.: Settlement services, family violence awareness, prevention and intervention, child abuse prevention, couple counselling, family conferencing and comprehensive support for immigrant youth, legal unit

Shakti Education Training & Advisory Company (SETAC) Ltd.:  NZQA-approved training, life skills education programme, Second Chance programme, Group Therapy Programme.  For more information click here.

Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support Group (Central region) Inc.: Refuge, domestic violence intervention support, crisis response, drop-in service centre, English language classes, road safety programmes and other life skills programmes

Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support Group, Christchurch Inc.: Refuge, domestic violence intervention support, crisis response, community-based support, English language classes, road safety programmes and other life skills programmes, drop-in service centre

Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support Group Wellington Inc.: Home-based as well as emergency and casework related services

Project Women Against Violence

For generations women all over the world have suffered the indignity and shame of being second class citizens. They have been abused in a manner of forms- physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically. Society has traditionally turned a blind eye to such actions and as a result women and children have suffered in silence. Leading campaigners in the West have brought out the existence of such issues in the open. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said in many parts of the world. Women and children are still suffering in silence.

The majority of women from Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries continue to be underprivileged and disadvantaged. Domestic violence has no barriers and is prevalent amongst all classes. The number of deaths that occur in these countries as a result of direct or indirect aggression and domestic violence has been increasing over the years.

Taking into context the situation, Farida Sultana along with past survivors of violence as well as volunteers are taking the concept of women’s refuge to a few Asian countries, to begin with. The Project titled Women Against Violence will look at enabling women in such countries to help other women overcome domestic violence.

So far, trips were made and associations formed with women’s organizations in Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Dubai. Significant work in the area of training professionals and volunteers in domestic violence awareness and advocacy have taken place in Bangladesh and Project Women Against Violence has participated in conferences in Korea.

Donations towards this cause can be made on our Donate page.


Shakti provides a range of services to over 40 different migrant and refugee communities through:

  • 24-hour multilingual Crisis Call service (0800SHAKTI) for women in violent and/ or abusive situations
  • Drop-in services
  • Case Management & Advocacy services
  • Refuge Services for safe accommodation for victims of violence and their children
  • Counselling Services & Group Therapy for women survivors of violence
  • Legal Advocacy Services & Legal Clinics
  • Family Settlement, Casework, Services for youth by youth
  • Positive Parenting Programmes
  • Social Work services including outreach work
  • Second Chance Life Skills Programme for women survivors of violence towards achieving empowerment and self-reliance
  • Youth specific projects run by youth for youth (includes intervention and family group conferencing)
  • Awareness and training programmes/ workshops for Community Advocates/ Volunteers