Shakti Australia

Shakti NSW

Shakti NSW helps enable women, children and young people of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origins in Western Sydney to break free from violence and culturally oppressive practices. As role models we encourage girls and young women to feel safe and supported, and continue to speak out against violence such as dowry abuse, threats of honour killing and forced/early marriage within own communities.  We promote community participation through capacity and capability development of women from vulnerable migrant and refugee backgrounds to drive social change in own communities.

Our activities include:

  • Drop-in services in Parramatta City and surrounding metropolitan areas
  • Regional campaigns and advocacy on immigrant women of colour issues
  • Capacity and capability building programmes/workshops for Community Advocates/ Volunteers
  • Outreach and support group activities with women and youth
  • Case Management & Advocacy services
  • Safety planning including temporary safe accommodation for victims of violence and their children (Link to member organisation)

To contact Shakti Sydney email: [email protected]