Shakti condemns the act of mass violence and murder that has occurred in Christchurch today. It appears to be a hate-crime targeted at people of certain faith and race, and for this to happen in a `safe’ country like New Zealand is absolutely unacceptable. Precious human lives have been lost in vain and many more harmed for life. Our migrant and refugee communities are in shock at this act of cowardice and our thoughts are with those who have been traumatised by these attacks and who have lost loved ones to this hate crime.

“Inna Lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajun!
Those who died are now in heaven. But the families left behind are grieving and will be affected for a long time to come. An act of terrorism regardless of religion and race is that act of a few. Most people carry love other than hatred. We need to bring out our compassion for one another. New Zealand is a small country of under 5 million. We can overcome this hate and act with love and care.”
Farida Sultana, Founder of Shakti.

Open Mic Night – International Women’s Day

Come celebrate International Women’s Day with poets, speakers, and performers from across Auckland!

6 to 8pm
At the Cellar, Corban Estate Arts Centre, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson

Shakti will honour this IWD day by giving the space and stage to ANYONE to speak or perform on the themes of feminism, empowerment, intersectionality, equality, diversity, and solidarity. If you’ve got something to share, this is the event for you.

Want to perform?
Reach out to Pauline on

Snack and drinks available.

5$ to 15$ – a sliding scale depending on what you are able to contribute. CASH ONLY

Persian Lunch Fundraiser

Saffron, rose water, cardamon, cilantro,… Ever tried Persian food? It might be the opportunity. This 23rd of March we are hosting a Persian lunch fundraiser.

When: 23rd of March 2019, 1PM – 3.30PM
Where: Pakuranga
Price: 35$ (includes 3 types of food / vegetarian food and meat
+ desserts + afternoon coffee)

To book your spot contact Pauline at

The Op shop is waiting for you!

The Op-shop is finally there! Come have a look. Sustinnoworx is still looking for donations (hangers, clothes rack, shelves, mirrors, books, household items, blankets…) and volunteers. If you have anything you think could be useful contact Pauline.

Where: 96a Railside ave, Henderson.
Open days: Tuesday to Sunday
Open Hours:

  • 9am to 4pm on week days
  • 10am to 3pm on week ends.

Launch of WomensDoko – Voices of Women Displaced by War

Our Founder Farida Sultana and Senior Advisor and Counsellor, Shila Nair are currently in Europe filming a documentary capturing the true story behind women who are displaced by war.


We represent a New Zealand’s women’s organisation Shakti which has been working with migrant and refugee women and families for over 22 years. We plan to be in Europe between June 28 and July 26 to attend the CEDAW Conference being held in Geneva. We are taking this opportunity to also work on a documentary aimed at privileging the voices of women displaced by war and living in Europe. We seek an appointment with you during this period and also hope to meet women, particularly Syrian and Iraqi women, who have been displaced by war and have migrated to European nations for safety.

Please see below for more details of who we are and what we are seeking.

 Who are we?

We are a group of women involved in the area of eliminating violence against women and children. Our interest in making this documentary is being inspired by the stories we hear of women displaced from their homes on account of war and their tales of survival through war and conflict

 Aim & Purpose of the Documentary

In a time when it is impossible to consume news without encountering stories of war, there is nevertheless the sense that we are not seeing it in its full picture. Beyond the highly accessible images of destroyed cities and foreign faces covered in dust, blood, and fear, we are none the wiser about who the “victims” are, who they were before the conflict begun, and where they will be going from there.

This documentary is conceived with the purpose of shifting the story to the people affected, beyond statistics (of casualties, suffering and refugee quotas) and shock value images; looking at who they are, their subsequent journeys as asylum seekers, and subsequent settlement into host countries worldwide.

In particular this will be a montage of stories about Muslim women, who have had their suffering used, both as a way to justify international aggression and anti-war semantics, who, in all mainstream narratives, have their stories told, but are never asked to tell.

The interviewers will also be documenting their travels real time through a blog, including snippets of stories that will feature in the documentary. Another output from this project will be a book with in-depth details of the interviews with the women, with the added perspectives of the interviewers; allowing readers to learn more about their personal connections to the project and its wider purpose.

Do check like and follow our facebook page where we will be updating videos and updates on our journey!

Shakti Presents to the CEDAW Committee, United Nations, Geneva

on June 9 2018, Our Shakti delegation – Founder Farida Sultana, Senior Advisor and Counsellor Shila Nair, Guardian Member Purabi Bhuiyan and National Youth Coordinator Mengzhu Fu represent Shakti at the 70th Committee Session of CEDAW. UN Convention on the Eliminationof Discrimination Against Women.

You can read our full oral submission which was made by Mengzhu here.


Exhibition Featuring Shakti Founder

This year marks the 125th anniversary of woman’s suffrage in New Zealand. Make sure to check out the ‘Are We There? Women and Equality in Aotearoa’ Exhibition at Auckland Museum from 6th July. Shakti Founder Farida Sultana who has strived to represent the rights of migrant and refugee women in New Zealand for over 23 years, will be featured!