Shakti Melbourne

Shakti Melbourne

Shakti Migrant & Refugee Women’s Support Group Melbourne Inc. was incorporated in Melbourne on October 27, 2011, following the formation of a Steering Group led by local women, and the founding members and senior members of Shakti New Zealand.

The goal of Shakti Migrant & Refugee Women’s Support Group Melbourne Inc. is to promote the well-being, safety and human rights of women of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origins based in Melbourne and the surrounding regions through:

  • 24-hour multilingual Crisis Call service 1800 SHAKTI (1800 742 584) for women in violent and or abusive situations
  • Drop-in services in South-East Melbourne, and Melbourne City extending to surrounding metropolitan
  • Regional campaigns and advocacy on immigrant women of colour issues
  • Case Management & Advocacy services
  • Safety planning including temporary safe accommodation for victims of violence and their children (Link to member organisation)
  • Outreach work with women and youth
  • Support group activities including English conversational group sessions, Women’s Day events, The Global Kitchen
  • Working with Schools
  • Awareness and training programmes/workshops for Community Advocates/ Volunteers

To contact Shakti Melbourne email: or phone: 03 9753 4324